250 - Director Sarah Klein - Treat Your Art Like A Dog With A Bone

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In this episode, we have a conversation with Documentary Director and Producer Sarah Klein. We talk about her partnership at Redglass Pictures, why knowing your audience is essential for making the best documentary films, why she loves short-form docs, her working friendship with Ken Burns, why constantly creating meaningless content for social media is a bad idea, incredible stories from filming the Obama's, JJ Abrams, and Neil Degrasse Tyson, and much, much more.

More On Sarah Klein

Redglass co-founder Sarah Klein is an award-winning producer and director. Her early credits include the HBO documentary, Hard as Nails and the Arte film, The Good Mother. Redglass Pictures was formed in 2006 and since then, Klein has co-directed and produced many notable projects, including History of Memory for HP, and a series of short films for Ken Burns’ Cancer: The Emperor of Maladies, which won a DuPont Award. Among the many hats she wears at Redglass, Klein leads creative development and production. She has had the honor of interviewing: The Obamas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Kerry, Michael Chabon, Warren Buffett, and JJ Abrams, to name a few.

When not on location, Klein may be found in her studio creating large-format abstract collages. Links: Imdb Tom Mason (filmmaker) Neil deGrasse Tyson: Science in America (short) Miracle on 22nd Street (short) Hoop Dreams (documentary) Kathy Caldwell jewelry Ken Burns (producer) Hard as Nails (documentary)