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42 ways to finance your next film are just a click away.  


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What's Inside

Curated Funding Opportunities for Diverse Filmmakers

Inside, you'll find funding opportunities through grants and awards celebrating:

  • Documentaries

  • Women in Film

  • Black Creators

  • Latinx & Asian Creators

  • Native American Creators

  • LGBTQ Creators

You'll also find a listing of Crowdfunding opportunities perfect for filmmaking.

About the Author

Nicholas K. Buggs is the co-founder of Bonsai Creative and co-host of the 5-star MAKE IT Podcast.  He has dedicated countless hours to curating insights, advice, and information to help advance the filmmaking community.

In addition to hosting the MAKE IT podcast with his best friend and co-host Chris Barkley, Nick is also a Producer of three award-winning feature films and has provided consultation to filmmakers at various stages of production.

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