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Let our audience be your audience.

We created the MAKE IT podcast to be a platform for the voice of the independent filmmaker.  We wanted a place where your stories could be heard, your art could be celebrated, and your knowledge could be shared with filmmakers around the world.

MAKE IT has reached top 20 for film interview podcasts in the United States on Apple Podcasts. ListenNotes places us in the top 2% of podcasts worldwide.  Our audience continues to grow with every episode we release and we are expanding into a stronger YouTube presence to build on our momentum.

We invite you to promote your film by purchasing ad space on the MAKE IT podcast.  Let us amplify your voice!


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Promotional Offerings

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Pre-Roll Ad Reads

We'll introduce your film to our audience with a short synopsis of your film, a brief bio, and information on where to watch.  Your ad will be broadcast across over 35 podcast platforms and YouTube.

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Newsletter Ad Space

We'll place your film in the 'For Your Consideration' section of our newsletter with a brief synopsis, a link to your trailer, and a link to your website.  Your ad will be broadcast to an ever-growing list of subscribers who love and appreciate independent film.


Of course you are!

Contact us and let's get started.

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