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Top Indie Film Podcasts

There are a lot of great film podcasts out there but there are a relative few that have a genuine focus on providing resources that benefit the independent film community. Of those relative few, there are even fewer that rise to the top of the list and serve as must-listen resources for the indie filmmaking community.

Alex Ferrari was the first in the game. His voice has served the community since 2015 and he has grown his platform day after day, year after year. He gave independent filmmakers a platform to share their experiences, vent their frustrations, and identify with the universal notion of the indie film hustle. A natural-born entrepreneur, Alex continues to grow his platform and increase his offerings in service to the indie filmmaking community.

This is a top indie film podcast for its exceptional ability to explore the hustle behind the filmmaking process.

Anne Thompson and Eric Kohn give filmmakers an on-the-ground look at what is going on in the film industry. These are highly-informed and thoughtful discussions about micro and macro topics that peel back the red carpet layers of Hollywood and expose the realities of the industry. Their goal is to foster conversation not through sensationalism, but through strong journalism and the exploration of topics that impact the future of film.

This is a top indie film podcast for its exceptional ability to expose and dissect the mechanics and underpinnings of the film industry.

Adam Schartoff is the amicable, unassuming host of Filmwax Radio. His familiar conversational style opens the door to candid conversations with independent filmmakers to whom he offers a platform to promote their latest projects. If you are a fan of independent film and are looking for something new to watch, Filmwax provides an excellent resource for finding and connecting with new films.

This is a top indie film podcast for its exceptional ability to give filmmakers a platform to promote their work in a friendly and familiar way.

The MAKE IT podcast came to the podcast market with a focus on the creatives behind the filmmaking. We have conversations, not interviews, with indie filmmakers and other professionals in the filmmaking community who offer insights, lessons learned, and advice that can help uplift the community as a whole. We start out with guests and end with friends and future partners with whom we seek to change indie filmmaking for the better.

(Disclaimer: I'm the co-host on the left.)

This is a top indie film podcast for its exceptional ability to provide a platform for filmmakers to share the inspiration, experiences, and perspectives that serve as the foundation for their creative pursuits.

Be sure to subscribe to each of these podcasts (if you haven't already) and take the time to rate and review them. I'll tell you now that they all deserve 5 stars as they are truly the best indie film podcasts out there!

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