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The Value of Positivity - Insights from Writer/Director, Kali Bailey

MAKE IT Podcast, Bonsai Creative, Kali Bailey

"Never underestimate the importance of a good attitude...It's part of a skillset that's really important."

- Kali Bailey, Writer/Director

Kali is one of those people that you're just drawn to work with. You may have never seen her work nor heard how talented she is, but if you're in a room with her, I can guarantee you'll want to work with her. It's not because her name is in lights on billboards and marquis across town, it's because she exudes positivity and her personality is magnetic.

As she says, "It's part of a skillset." Skillsets differ from characteristics in that they are not inherently part of our personalities but they are learned behaviors perfected through practice. So how does one learn to have a good attitude? Well, here are three ways to get you moving in the right direction:

Choose the Right Mindset

There are two primary types of mindsets: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is set in what is. It's set in a illustration of reality drawn by past successes and past failures. It believes that there can be nothing more than what already is. A growth mindset, on the other hand, believes in the possible. It believes that there is more to do, more to learn, and more to accomplish. In believing that there is more, a growth mindset strives for more. This mindset sets the foundation for a good attitude because it embodies the spirit of hope and, where there is hope, there is happiness.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is thankful appreciation for what you have and for what you receive. It is the practice of finding and expressing fulfillment in your daily life despite whatever it is you may lack. When you practice gratitude, your focus remains on how to get the best out of what you have thereby enabling you to make the most of any situation. To practice gratitude, you can simply say out loud what you are grateful for. It doesn't have to be an exhaustive list, but it does have to be a meaningful one.

Craft a Positive Self-Image

Robert Kiyosaki (of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame) was quoted as saying, "It's not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life; it's what you whisper to yourself that has the most power!" Your self-talk is like the soundtrack to your life. It echoes how you feel about yourself and how you expect others to feel about you as well. If that self-talk is negative, you'll feel as if you're undeserving. This will keep you from asking for or receiving the help you need to be successful. If your self-talk is positive, you'll know that you are deserving of any and every positive thing that comes your way. You'll ask for help when needed and take it when offered. Crafting a positive self-image is all about giving yourself positive affirmation. This means openly acknowledging your strengths as well as your worth.

Now, when it comes to making a name for yourself in this industry, you'll have to be sure to follow up that good attitude with a great work ethic and talent to match. But, as Kali says, "Never underestimate the importance of a good attitude" because it may be all you need to get your foot in the door.

If you're interested in learning more about Kali, check out her website at or listen to our interview with her on the MAKE IT podcast. We'd also like to invite you to watch her latest film project A Week Away which is now playing on Netflix.

As Always,

Be Better. Be Creative. Be Engaged.



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