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Peacock: Get In While It's Hot

This one is going to be short because there isn't much time to waste.

Peacock is the new streaming platform from NBCU. It's a little late to the streaming game but, with a ton of popular IP at its disposal (like 30 Rock, Below Deck, The Today Show, and Downton Abbey), it's bound to be a major contender. The challenge for Peacock right now is that it doesn't yet have enough movie content to truly satisfy a voracious streaming audience.

That's where you come in.

There's no better time for independent film than when a new giant enters the streaming war. Now, there are some caveats to this. Peacock isn't taking everything just to build its catalog (after all, its brand is at stake) and the executives there aren't going to be soliciting direct submissions from independent filmmakers.

The key to entry is through a distributor that has a relationship with Peacock. Aggregators such as Gravitas Ventures are actively seeking partnerships with Peacock to position content within their slates. As an independent filmmaker with a film in the wild, you should be asking your distributors if they are pursuing this new (and highly viable) option for positioning your film. If you are still seeking distribution, seek one that has a relationship (or is actively working to build one) with Peacock.

The Peacock door will only be open for a limited time so get in there while you can.

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