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Confidence and the Struggle Mindset - Insights from Actor, Brandon Hirsch

Brandon Hirsch, Actor/Producer/Writer

"If somebody says to me today, "Brandon, specifically what is it that you want?", I have the confidence to answer that without being afraid of not achieving it."

- Brandon Hirsch, Actor/Producer/Writer

Brandon is a handsome, talented, successful, working actor. His filmography boasts 29 past films, three in production, and three in development. We had the pleasure of working with him on our film Adult Interference where he mastered his role and performed as a consummate professional. Imagine our surprise when he revealed to us that one of his biggest challenges as a filmmaker was confidence. Confidence? Really? Brandon?

By his own admission, Brandon says that he is still making up for lost time in his career because of a lack of confidence in pursuing his goals. Now, it's not that a lack of confidence kept him from working or that it resulted in stage fright when he got in front of a camera. Brandon simply lacked the belief that he could pursue a successful life while pursuing a successful career as an actor.

So many filmmakers believe, as Brandon did, in the idea of the starving artist. It's the belief that creative success is born out of considerable physical and emotional struggle brought about by an intense devotion to one's craft. This mindset affected Brandon's confidence because he did not believe that he could have what he needed and what he wanted at the same time. If starving was the way, then how could he possibly consider a different path?

A limiting belief is a state of mind or conviction that you believe to be true but holds you back in some way. It could be about yourself, your interactions with others, or how the world works around you. These beliefs cause you to create artificial boundaries for yourself based on preconceived notions that you've blindly adopted as your own. It's only when you confront or are confronted by the fallacy in your conviction that you are able to overcome it.

In Brandon's case, he witnessed the trajectory of others who didn't succumb to this limiting belief about the starving artist. He saw them rise beyond the struggle because they refused to subscribe to it. It was then that Brandon realized that his lack of confidence was self-inflicted and that, though he needed to work hard, he didn't need to struggle to find success. Brandon is a family man, a home owner, and a successful actor. He finds success in his life because he has the confidence to achieve it and he knows that no one else can define his path for him.

This is a wonderful lesson for the entire filmmaking community. Limiting beliefs about what we cannot or should not be while in pursuit of our dreams do nothing but hold us back and take years away from the lives we could have had. It's time to confront these beliefs, seek evidence to the contrary, take our power back, and step into our greatest potential. It's time to put the idea of the starving artist behind us.

I have to thank Brandon for his insightful words and for sharing his experiences with us on the MAKE IT podcast. If you'd like to see Brandon at work, you can check him out as Officer Wilson in Adult Interference.

As always,

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