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285 - Entertainment Publicist Amy Prenner - Why You Should Take The Emotion Out Of Business

MAKE IT Podcast, Bonsai Creative, Amy Prenner

In this episode, we have a conversation with Entertainment Publicist Amy Prenner. Chris and Amy talk about her documentary ‘Have You Heard About Greg’, her fascination with news as a child, how Zoom helped her have the most successful year of her career, why media training is so important, her work with Ellen DeGeneres, how she would help Alec Balwin and Will Smith, and much more.


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About Amy Prenner

Veteran publicity executive Amy Prenner is the founder of The Prenner Group (TPG) where she oversees publicity on behalf of the agency. The Prenner Group has been in business since 2007. With offices in Los Angeles and New York, The Prenner Group helps you develop and implement marketing communications strategies by providing expertise in media, trends, and business expertise.

Prenner, who has over 20 years’ experience, develops and executes marketing communications strategies that will help launch and grow your business. She is a leading entertainment publicist in Los Angeles. Services include public relations, communications strategy, and market evaluation. We specialize in taking entertainment campaigns and getting media attention.

Currently, Prenner has been responsible for creating notable campaigns in entertainment and television. Her clients have included the Infinity Film Festival, a 2019 Academy Awards campaign for John Travolta for his leading role in “The Fanatic,” Elf on the Shelf, Riot Games, Studio Movie Grill, Hulu’s “Into the Dark,” (season one) the Blumhouse Anthology, Telemundo’s “La Reina del Sur,” El Rey Networks, the Saudi Arabian venture company Seven, The Golden Screen Awards, Nat Geo’s Sharkfest at Comic Con and Cirque du Solei’s Amaluna, and Luzia.

Throughout her 20-plus year career, Prenner has developed an extensive network of high-level media contacts and has an extraordinary eye for strategy leading her clients to win Emmy and Academy Award nominations and high-profile accolades. As the principal role of her own agency, The Prenner Group, Prenner has worked with many cable networks including Epix, AMC Networks, Starz, Syfy, GSN, Freeform, Travel Channel, USA Networks and Fuse, launching many series on their behalf. She has also consulted on Emmy campaigns for NBC hits such as “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “America’s Got Talent,” and has worked to secure placements and awareness at major film and television festivals for a variety of clients, with presence at The Oscars, the Emmys, Television Critics Tour, Comic Con, The Sundance Film Festival, and Cannes Film Festival. Prenner has also worked with EPIX season 1-unit publicity for the original series “Get Shorty” and handled publicity efforts on behalf of the Lumiere Society including their annual awards event and VR Conference (“VR On The Lot”).

Some of the notable campaigns we have worked on include the 2014 Geekie Awards, the 3D Film Awards, the AMC Dish Networks Carriage Dispute, GSN’s hit series “The American Bible Challenge,” and the rebranding of NUVOtv, an English-speaking Spanish television network spearheaded by Global Superstar Jennifer Lopez.

Amy has worked on numerous high-profile television series including “Wheel of Fortune,” “Extra,” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” She began her career in unit film publicity where she oversaw numerous campaigns for independent features that took her to the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals.

In addition to her entertainment clients, Prenner has also worked with hospitality and restaurant brands, including helping to launch restaurants such as The Larchmont Grill and Church & State. She has also worked with national charity organizations including BabyQuest, Life Rolls On, and the Reverse Rett Foundation.


About the MAKE IT Podcast

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