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281 - Knowing When To Be Yourself, Media Dog Whistles, and What To Make Once You Make Some Money

This and all other episodes of the MAKE IT podcast are brought to you in partnership with Women in Film and Television as part of the Voice of the Filmmaker Program. Please help us keep the conversation going.

In this edition of Indie Talk, Chris and Nick review this week in podcast guests, discuss the usefulness of the DISC profile, take on the constant media dog whistles designed to indoctrinate us, and tackle the idea of being yourself at the expense of doing great work or being a good person.

"Be who you are. Find your tribe. Find a mentor."


About the DISC Profile

An individual's DISC profile is the calculated result of the DISC personality test which is based on the emotional and behavioral theories of American psychologist Dr. Willam Marston. DISC is an acronym that stands for the primary traits identified in the profile: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

Though the profile leverages four primary traits, it is broken down into twelve dimensions that describe various combinations of these traits (e.g., Dominant/Influence (DI), Dominant (D), Dominant/Compliance (DC)). These combinations provide insights into our behavior and help us to understand how we present ourselves to the world.

Here is a brief description of the four primary traits:

Dominance: Direct. Decisive. High Ego Strength. Problem Solver. Risk Taker. Self Starter.

Influence: Enthusiastic. Trusting; Optimistic. Persuasive. Talkative. Impulsive. Emotional.

Steadiness: Good listener. Team player. Possessive. Steady. Predictable. Understanding. Friendly.

Compliance: Accurate; analytical. Conscientious; careful. Fact-finder; precise. High standards; systematic.


About the MAKE IT Podcast

The MAKE IT podcast is a platform for the voice of independent filmmaker. We offer a variety of educational, aspirational, and entertaining content that promotes the success of creatives across the filmmaking community and the film industry.

Our Filmmaker Conversations with filmmaking professionals are dedicated to sharing the advice, knowledge, and insights of experienced filmmakers while exploring what it truly means to be an independent creative in the highly competitive world of filmmaking. Each filmmaker conversation is backed by thoughtful research that allows us to uncover the raw, authentic truths behind each filmmaker's journey.

Through our Indie Talks, we share our thoughts and perspectives on navigating independent film from the perspective of Advisory and Executive Producers. We discuss topics that are relevant to filmmakers across a wide spectrum of filmmaking perspectives, and we do our best to uncover hidden truths and new developments in the film industry. Our goal is to help filmmakers avoid the pitfalls and obstacles on the business side of film so that their filmmaking creativity can thrive.

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The Mistakes in the Making series gives our filmmaking friends an opportunity to speak directly to our filmmaking audience to share a specific lesson they've learned through a mistake they've made. We are firm believers that mistakes can be the gateway to success when we open our hearts and minds to learning from them, sharing them, and using them to Be Better.

The Film Investment series is a conversational series of 52 episodes geared towards the would-be film investor. Each episode, facilitated via a friendly conversation between hosts and friends Christopher Barkley and Jason McConnell, highlights a unique aspect of the film investment process. In addition to being a great resource for film investors, it serves as a reference for filmmakers regarding the many considerations that must be made when seeking film investment.


This and all other episodes of the MAKE IT podcast are brought to you in partnership with Women in Film and Television as part of the Voice of the Filmmaker Program. Please help us keep the conversation going.


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