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274 - Writer Sandrene Mathews - The Compound Effect of Losing Confidence - (Mistakes In The Making)

This and all other episodes of the MAKE IT podcast are brought to you in partnership with Women in Film and Television as part of the Voice of the Filmmaker Program. Please help us keep the conversation going.

In this edition of Mistakes In The Making, Writer Sandrene Mathews shares an experience in which she lost her confidence and then her job.

"It's important to believe that you are where you're supposed to be so that you have the opportunity for others to believe it too."

- Sandrene Matthews, Writer


About Sandrene Matthews

Sandrene loves stories and hates cliches. A former child actress, Sandrene has spent the majority of her life in the creative world. Although often told she was too shy to be in entertainment, she repeatedly silenced and astonished the naysayers, performing on stage in leading roles in Hello, Dolly, Godspell and A Christmas Story, taking the lead in numerous PSAs filmed in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and competing in and winning a variety of vocalist, instrumentalist and dance competitions. By the time she graduated high school she was also a multiple-published author of short stories and poetry.

Her busy schedule led her to begin taking more behind the scenes roles, a job she quickly learned she also enjoyed. Over the years Sandrene has been a director, editor, stage manager, photographer, cinematographer and monitor engineer.

Eager to return to her storytelling roots, she now focuses on writing and directing, with a strong passion for creating characters struggling to be seen, and focusing on emotionally charged themes of personal growth, being your best self, and rising to do extraordinary things.


Listener Reflections

  • Think about a time you made a mistake. What was your self-talk? Did you motivate yourself to pick up and keep moving forward or did you lose faith in yourself?


Continued Learning

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The Mistakes in the Making series gives our filmmaking friends an opportunity to speak directly to our filmmaking audience to share a specific lesson they've learned through a mistake they've made. We are firm believers that mistakes can be the gateway to success when we open our hearts and minds to learning from them, sharing them, and using them to Be Better.

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This and all other episodes of the MAKE IT podcast are brought to you in partnership with Women in Film and Television as part of the Voice of the Filmmaker Program. Please help us keep the conversation going.


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