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257 - Kathryn Hecht - Exec. Director AV Film Festival - Everyone In The Boat Has To Look For Rocks

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In this episode, we have a conversation with the Founder and Executive Director of the AVFilm Festival (formerly the Alexander Valley Film Festival). We talk about Sean Baker, why we can and can't forgive others and ourselves, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, how artists channel pain to make great art, and how love became the deciding factor in her life’s biggest decisions, “thin privilege,” and all things AVFilm Fest.

More on Kathryn Hecht

Kathryn (she/her) is responsible for AVFilm's overall strategic, financial, management, fundraising, and operational health. Working closely with the founding Board, Kathryn designed and developed the year-round cultural and educational programming for AVFilm and continues to serve as the Executive Producer of the annual AVFest.

A seasoned entrepreneur, executive leader, and community builder, Kathryn built and led communications departments for nonprofits in New York and San Francisco before founding AVFilm. She currently serves as the Chair of the Economic Development Board of Sonoma County. She was selected by the Press Democrat in 2016 as one of 30 Women to Watch in Sonoma County.

Kathryn received the 2018 Boho Award from The Bohemian and the 2018 Spirit of Sonoma Award from the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce. Writer and activist Virgie Tovar also featured her as a "lady boss" in Forbes.

Upcoming project - AVFest 2022, April 29-May 8, and a capital campaign in Healdsburg to create a home for AVFilm and home base for the preservation of cinematic tradition in Northern Sonoma County.



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