256 - Costume Designer Ciciley Hoffman - Manage Expectations & Trust Your Expertise

Bonsai Creative, MAKE IT Podcast, Ciciley Hoffman, Mistakes in the Making

Costume Designer and Wardrobe Stylist, Ciciley Hoffman recounts a moment in her career when she didn't set the correct expectations on set because she questioned her own talent.

About Ciciley Hoffman

Ciciley Hoffman is an award winning costume designer, wardrobe stylist, image consultant, and fashion editor. She designs costumes for films, television, and music videos, styles wardrobe for editorial or commercial fashion brands, and consults with artists for general look, tours, and promotional materials. Ciciley has worked alongside numerous award-winning films, recording artists, sundry professionals, commercials, magazines, advertisements, and various broadcasts. All of her clients receive personal attention and a unique look.

Ciciley has vast experience with runway and theatrical shows, and creating looks from rock to vintage, avant garde to country, haute couture to period, and everything in between. Especially if you want hats.