223 - Adam Schartoff - How to Learn from the Greats in Film

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We have a conversation with Filmwax Radio and Filmwax TV host Adam Schartoff. We talk about how to keep your cool when you're working with colleagues that are more notable than you, how his career shifted from working at Sony Music to podcasting and film, when and why to start a podcast and the best use of $5K in a film marketing budget. Enjoy!

About Filmwax Radio

Filmwax Radio is America’s favorite podcast featuring luminaries from the indie film community. Guests include actors, filmmakers, festival programmers, journalists and just about anyone else with a stake in the game. Listeners can expect engaging and nuanced conversations.

Hosted by Adam Schartoff, Filmwax Radio began in September of 2011 and has had thousands of guests over the years, many of whom make a point of returning over and over.

Filmwax’s guiding principle is to champion independent cinema.

About Adam Schartoff

Adam Schartoff worked in the music industry for many years before turning his attention to film in 2007. In 2011 he founded Filmwax, a media company devoted to the championing of independent films. Filmwax Radio began a short time later but has since grown into a familiar and popular part of the indie film landscape. Since its start there have been over 700 episodes with over 1200 guests. Adam currently lives in the Hudson Valley, works at WKZE 98.1, and is most proud of being Jacob’s Dad. Twitter: @adam_schartoff