219 - Bored Apes, Indie NFT's, AppleTV's Strategy, and Learning From The Squid Game (Indie Talk)

Bonsai Creative, MAKE IT Podcast, Filmmaking, Film

Chris and Nick talk about the film, television, and gaming future of NFT company Bored Ape Yacht Club, Apple's competitive differentiators, and why they are the most relieved by the IATSE/AMPTP deal, and the data game that Netflix plays with top shows like The Squid Game.


Uncle Nearest Whiskey Bored Ape NFT sells for $2.7 million (news) Open Sea (NFT marketplace) Addison Rae’s Multimillion-Dollar Netflix film deal (article) IATSE Strike Averted (news) The Handmaid’s Tale (tv series) Nine Perfect Strangers (tv mini series) Billions (tv series) Squid Game (tv mini series) The Queen’s Gambit (tv series)