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The MAKE IT podcast amplifies the voice of the filmmaker by exploring the filmmaking journeys of actors, writers, directors, producers, and a host of other creatives from across the film industry. We provide a platform for filmmakers to provide advice, lessons learned, personal reflections, and insights through our Filmmaker Conversations, Mistakes in the Making, Industry Insights, Indie Talks, and Film Investment Series. We are the go-to film podcast for the independent creative!

“Love the insight and the variety of aspects in the film industry shared. Keep up the good work, gentlemen!”

“One of a kind! An absolute treasure trove of indie film-insider knowledge. This is the one and only podcast that pulls back the curtain and opens the world of independent movie making in a wonderfully informative and entertaining way.”



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We'll introduce your film to our international podcast audience across 35 podcast platforms with a custom ad read during an upcoming episode.

Indie Talk Takeover

Be a guest on an Indie Talk episode and share your story with our audience while having a fun conversation with Chris and Nick.  (There might be trivia involved!)

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Your Gracious Hosts
Christopher Barkley and Nicholas Buggs

Chris and Nick are long-time friends, Co-Founders of Bonsai Creative, and Co-Hosts of the MAKE IT Podcast. They bring a wealth of industry knowledge from their experience as Executive and Associate Producers on three award-winning feature films and their engagement with the film community over the past ten years. They blend this knowledge with their professional successes in Marketing, Journalism, Management Consulting, Sales, Real-Estate, and Investment Portfolio Management.

As hosts of the MAKE IT podcast, Chris and Nick make it their goal to entertain, educate, and inspire through every episode, and they are joined by a growing cast of creatives to help them do just that. This is the first and only film podcast by two African-American creatives to reach over 300 episodes, across 35 podcast platforms, while maintaining a five-star rating!

Learn more about Chris and Nick by following the links.


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Filmmaker Conversations

Our Filmmaker Conversations are dedicated to sharing the advice, knowledge, and insights of experienced filmmakers while exploring what it truly means to be an independent creative in the highly competitive world of filmmaking.  Each filmmaker conversation is backed by thoughtful research that allows us to uncover the raw, authentic truths behind each filmmaker's journey.

Indie Talks

Through our Indie Talks, we share our thoughts and perspectives on navigating independent film from the perspective of Advisory and Executive Producers. We discuss topics that are relevant to filmmakers across a wide spectrum of filmmaking perspectives, and we do our best to uncover hidden truths and new developments in the film industry.  Our goal is to help filmmakers avoid the pitfalls and obstacles on the business side of film so that their filmmaking creativity can thrive.

Industry Insights

Our Industry Insights provide bite-sized actionable advice that filmmaking professionals and creatives of all kinds can use to keep their heads up as they continue their filmmaking journeys.  With advice sourced from the filmmaking community, we build upon the wisdom of our filmmaking guests to provide our audience with truly aspirational and inspirational content.

Mistakes in the Making

​The Mistakes in the Making series gives our filmmaking friends an opportunity to speak directly to our filmmaking audience to share a specific lesson they've learned through a mistake they've made.  We are firm believers that mistakes can be the gateway to success when we open our hearts and minds to learning from them, sharing them, and using them to Be Better.

Film Investment Series

The Film Investment Series is a conversational series of 52 episodes geared towards the would-be film investor.  Each episode, facilitated via a friendly conversation between hosts and friends Christopher Barkley and Jason McConnell, highlights a unique aspect of the film investment process.  In addition to being a great resource for film investors, it serves as a reference for filmmakers regarding the many considerations that must be made when seeking film investment.

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