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Let us support your filmmaking journey with a marketing mix that fits your budget.

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On average, Hollywood films spend 60% on top of their production budgets on branding and marketing.

Quentin Tarantino:


"I make movies for the audience. I make movies for people to see them. I want people to see my movies. And the more people that see my movies, the more I can make movies."

Ava DuVernay: 


"It's so important to have a marketing plan that is going to go beyond the typical moviegoer and reach the audiences that need to see these stories the most."

Ridley Scott:


"Marketing is absolutely crucial. It's about getting the message out there and creating a buzz around the film. You have to work with the marketing people to make sure that they understand what the film is about and what you're trying to achieve."

Kathryn Bigelow: 


"Marketing is essential for any film, but especially for independent films. You have to be strategic and smart about how you market your film, and you have to make sure that you're reaching the right audience."

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On average, independent films spend 0% on top of their production budgets on branding and marketing*.

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*Based on an independent poll of 1,000 independent filmmakers.

Martin Scorsese: 

"The situation, sadly, is that we now have two separate fields: There's worldwide audiovisual entertainment, and there's cinema. They still overlap from time to time, but that's becoming increasingly rare. And I fear that the financial dominance of one is being used to marginalize and even belittle the existence of the other."

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Let us help you find your audience.

Independent films don't have to be overshadowed by studio films.  

Where there's an audience, there's a way.

How We Can Help

Branding Strategy & Marketing Mix

We deconstruct every aspect of your film to identify target audiences, potential advocates, and carefully crafted approaches to positioning your film in the marketplace.

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Clarity

  • Audience Targeting

  • Thematic Targeting

  • Keyword and Search Analysis

  • Marketing Mix

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Marketing Implementation

We leverage a growing network of creative executors across a variety of digital media, marketing, and PR concentrations to promote your film. 

  • Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Social Media

  • Public Relations

  • Email Marketing

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Promote Your Film on the MAKE IT Podcast

Reach new audiences with an ad read and/or a guest appearance on a 5-star film podcast that is published across 35 platforms and has been rated as a top 20 film interview podcast in the US by Apple Podcasts.

  • Reach an international audience

  • Promote yourself and your film

  • Generate new interest in past, present, and future projects

  • Grow your fan base

  • Be more searchable online

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Reach new audiences

rated 5 stars

across 35 platforms

by filmmakers

with a top 20 podcast

for filmmakers

"One of a kind! An absolute treasure trove of indie film-insider knowledge.  This is without a doubt a must-listen for anyone in or even interested in the world of indie film."


Listen to the
MAKE IT podcast for the latest and greatest advice, insights, and lessons learned.

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Let us be a part of your creative success!

Bonsai Creative is an independent media and marketing firm specializing in independent film.

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