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Lesley Powers

Producer, Writer


Lesley Powers is a narrative filmmaker based in Los Angeles by way of Nashville. She is currently a judge for the 2019 Circle City Film Festival, a former panel coordinator for the Bentonville Film Festival, and a Nashville Film Festival 2015 Horizon Award nominee for her first short film, Mr. Johnson’s Julius Caesar. She was also recognized as the winner of Best Director, Best Short, and Audience Award at the 2017 Middle Tennessee 54 Hour Film Festival.

Currently, Lesley is gearing up to direct her 6th short film - Thunder Thighs about a young girl who is obsessed with the non-existent gap in her thighs. In other news, her comedic short - Make Yourself at Home, is in post-production and her dramatic short - Drafted, is currently on the festival circuit, it premiered at the Franklin Film Festival in November 2018. Previously, Powers’ short, Downline, premiered at the Nashville Independent Film Festival and the Rendezvous Film Festival in Florida in early 2018.

Lesley is a graduate of Indiana University and paid homage to her hometown of Indianapolis by naming her production company, NAPTOWN ENTERTAINMENT.⠀



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