Emil Gallardo

Writer, Director

Emil Gallardo is an award-winning Mexican-American writer-director, a 2020 HBO Directing Fellow and the recipient of Panavision’s Future Filmmaker award.
He began his career as a PA in Los Angeles on a number of independent and studio productions and worked his way up in the AD department.

Emil left Assistant Directing to focus on writing and directing and his most recent film, ​1, 2, 3, ALL EYES ON ME​, about a crisis that engulfs an elementary school, exemplifies the types of stories he tells.

1, 2, 3​, ​ALL EYES ON ME​ has deeply resonated with audiences and juries alike, winning HollyShort’s Grand Prix Best Film award and qualifying it for the 2021 Oscars. It was also a Jury Winner at the Austin Film Festival, won Best Short at the New York Latino Film Festival, and was nominated for a John Singleton Impact Award which recognizes storytellers who give a voice to the underrepresented and inspire change through filmmaking.

Emil strives to tell unforgettable stories that stand out for their authenticity and willingness to confront uncomfortable truths. ​ASYLUM, ​the debut feature he’s currently developing, is no exception.

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