Cicely Hoffman

Costume Designer

Ciciley Hoffman is an award-winning costume designer, wardrobe stylist, image consultant, and fashion editor.

Ciciley designs costumes for films and music videos, styles wardrobe for editorial or commercial fashion brands, and consults with artists for general look, videos, tours, and promotional materials. She has done this for numerous award winning films, recording artists, sundry professionals, commercials, magazines, advertisements, and various broadcasts. All of her clients receive personal attention and a unique look. Confidentiality is of upmost importance to her and she does not drop names.

Ciciley has vast experience with runway and theatrical shows, and has created looks from rock to vintage, avant garde to country, haute couture to period, and everything in between. Her formal training is in costuming theatrical productions and she has extensive knowledge of the history of fashion, clothing customs, and construction. Ciciley holds two Bachelor’s Degrees from Oberlin College in Theatre and German Studies with Honors.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, her goal is always to make clients feel confident- “the greatest accessory of all, and the only mark of true style.”

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