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We provide a platform for the voice of the independent filmmaking community to share their truths, their insights, and their perspectives with the world.


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Industry INSIGHTS 

Continued education is the key to continued success.  We are committed to creating opportunities to find, aggregate, and share industry knowledge with the indie filmmaking community.

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"If they won't share the's normally because there's something they're trying to hide from you. So that would be a huge red flag."

- Valerie Jane Parker, Actor

"The number one thing, way more than talent, is persistence."

- Korby Lenker, Actor/Writer/Singer

Advising the CREATIVE

The indie filmmaking community is all about the unbridled expression of creativity through the unique lens of the filmmaker.  We are committed to helping indie filmmakers bring their creative visions to life and to sharing that creativity with new audiences.

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We look forward to sharing the insights we've gained from over 20 years in business, film, and entertainment.  


All you have to do is reach out and we're here to help you get the best out of your next film project.

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